Bored Elon Musk is hiring

Now you can tweet like Elon Musk. Well, not the real one of course, but the bored Elon Musk.

Many believe the account "BoredElonMusk" on Twitter is actually not a parody account, but managed by Elon Musk himself. The Twitter feed in question can't be that boring, as it's amassed more than 1.7M followers.

The rationale for this would be Elon's holdings in Tesla and other companies, and Musk's relation to the SEC. The latter is convinced they are in charge of how officers of public companies are allowed to communicate. However, Mr. Musk seldom agrees with the SEC.

Another hint; the entreprenuer famously also owns The Boring Company. The fact that the bored version of Elon also dabbles in bitcoin is not circumstantial evidence by itself. Musk has so far said he owns some bitcoin and some dogecoin. The latter even got the Musk family together to do some mining.

What's next? XRP?

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