Eminem to launch NFT at Shady Con

American rapper, Marshall Bruce Mathers, better known as Eminem, yesterday announced his plan of launching an NFT, which is now the trend in the crypto space among enthusiasts and artists alike.

The Oscar award winner and hip-hop rapper have joined the league of celebrities, musicians, and athletes who have recently launched their NFT.

What inspired Eminem was a recent skit seen on SNL, that explained NFTs using one of the old tracks of Eminem, "Without Me."

A break-down of the NTF shows that it is of three types. All types are high-quality animations with Eminem's original beat and an instrumental version. The first two types are "TOOLS OF THE TRADE" and "STILL DGAF," and were sold at half a thousand dollars. The first batch of buyers would have the premium of getting a physical print autographed by the rapper.

The last NFT type is "STAN'S REVENGE," with a single edition, buyable by the highest bidder, although detailed information surrounding the animation is still unclear.

Nifty Gateway's senior producer, Ashley Ramos, whose platform is partnering with the rapper, expresses excitement in partnering with the award-winning musician.

Already, other leading musicians like Snoop Dogg, Soulja Boy and others have joined the NFT train with the latest being the Marshall Mathers crooner.

It is expected that this new development will fetch the artist more returns especially as the NFT market continues to grow.

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